Sophia Center is a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania and is a member of Sylvania Franciscan Ministries

Counseling and Testing

Life can be challenging, but finding the best way to deal with those challenges doesn’t have to be.

At the Sophia Center, we offer a wide-variety of therapeutic services in order for our clients to experience a holistic approach during their recovery and path towards well-being, including faith integration, if so desired.


Whether you are searching for individual, group, family, or couples/marriage counseling, we’re ready to help you identify and resolve the difficulties in your life and guide you along your unique path to inner-wellness. Our counselors are highly experienced, caring professionals who strive to assist others in living their lives as well-balanced, passionate and confident individuals.

Educational Testing

If you or your child is experiencing problems in school, as well as having behavioral issues in the classroom or at home, then educational testing may be the right tool to access your needs or the needs of your child.


Fully understanding our clients’ needs and personal challenges is an integral part in planning and practicing their care. This is why the Sophia Center offers psychoeducational and psychosocial testing to further understand the related concerns of learning disabilities, attention issues, processing issues, Dyslexia, Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism, and neurological dysfunction. We offer testing that is comprehensive and clear in offering accommodations that are “user friendly” for both academics and personal life. Alternative therapies are also offered at the Sophia Center for improvement in attention, memory, learning disabilities and social issues.


“My wife and I are so grateful for the marriage counseling we received at Sophia Center. Our therapist was an excellent listener and challenged us to learn some better ways to communicate. How blessed we are!”

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