Sophia Center is a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania and is a member of Sylvania Franciscan Ministries

Building and Restoring Respectful Family Relationships

Special programs and services for Sylvania area parents and youth

Brought to you by the Sophia Center, in partnership with Sylvania Area Family Services and grant funded by Catholic Health Initiatives.

Preventing Home Violence

This three-tier program is designed to reduce family violence and abuse in the home. This prevention program incorporates incentives and a workshop format to share ideas and develop strategies for families, in addition to individualized clinical services as needed.

Our program is based on Step-Up, a ten-year research-supported intervention model, and Positive Solution for Families (PSF), a research-supported parenting series.

Protecting Youth and Families

Data provided by Lucas County, Ohio, Juvenile Court indicates there were more than 280 arrests of Sylvania-area youth for family violence in the home during the last five years.

Fifteen percent of arrests occurred when the youth was under 13 years old at the time of the incident. The role of early intervention/prevention cannot be overstated.  Adolescent violence and abuse toward parents and other family members pose a considerable threat to the stability of families, the overall development of teens, and is a strain on the criminal justice system.

Three-tier Approach

Each situation is different. We provide many ways to begin the program to meet the wide range of youth and family needs.

The program’s multi-tiered structure includes primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention strategies. Families with children from birth to young adult are able to get started in a tier that fits their situation.

Free programming is available for families who may not have any identified risk factors or warning signs. It is also available to families referred from one of several community partners because of identified risk factors or warning signs. Sophia Center has funding available to offset any insurance coverage barriers.

Tier I Primary Prevention

Positive Solutions for Families Program

Positive Solutions for Families (PSF) is a six-session, evidence-based, parenting series for families to help promote their children’s social and emotional skills. It will help parents understand problem behaviors, and learn positive approaches to help build relationships and teach appropriate behavior to their children. PSF will be available to all Sylvania families and may include simultaneous positive behavior groups for children of participating parents. Families will receive incentives for participation.

Tier II Secondary Prevention

Step-Up Model Curriculum Program

The Step-Up model curriculum has both parent and youth components that address responding to abuse and promoting safety, restoring healthy relationships in the family, and setting boundaries and/or regaining parental leadership. Through a series of combined and separate groups, the curriculum uses restorative processes, violence prevention tools, and cognitive behavioral strategies.

In addition, the curriculum teaches family relationship skills and is typically used as an intervention to address family violence. Step-Up groups will be ongoing open groups, and families can join anytime, with most families benefitting from 10-12 weeks of participation.

Tier III Tertiary Prevention

Access to Clinical Services at the Sophia Counseling Center

Families also have access to licensed mental health practitioners for clinical services at the Sophia Center as needed for psycho-educational evaluation or individual or family therapy services. Grant funds may be used to offset insurance related barriers such as deductibles and co-pays.

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